The SilverStripe Shop module aims to provide developers with a framework for building, and customising ecommerce-based projects. It includes facilities for customers to browse products and place orders, and for administrators to manage products and orders. This project is open sourced under the BSD2 licence.

A strong focus has been put on enabling developers to create custom online shopping solutions. The core has been kept to a minimum, and additional features are provides as sub-modules.

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Via Composer

composer require burnbright/silverstripe-shop *


  • Obtain the module code, and put into a 'shop' directory, within your SilverStripe root directory.
  • Do the same for the 'payment' module.
  • Run yoursite/dev/build?flush=all


Feedback & Support

For general problems, please post them to the SilverStripe forum, look for me on the #silverstripe IRC channel as Jedateach, or feel free to email me for more specific issues (see below).

If you have any bugs to report, patches etc, please submit them to the GitHub Issue Tracker


This is an open-source project, so any contribution you can make is welcomed.

Ways you can contribute:

  • Fork the project, write bug fixes, features, documentation, and submit them as pull requests.
  • Help answer questions in the forum.
  • Participate in development discussion on the mailing list.
  • Put some money towards the project, or a particular feature*.

* You should contact the author before donating towards a particular feature.


This project is open source, under the BSD2 license.



Jeremy Shipman (jeremy @