The SilverStripe Shop module aims to provide developers with a framework for building, and customising ecommerce-based projects. It includes facilities for customers to browse products and place orders, and for administrators to manage products and orders. This project is open sourced under the BSD2 licence.

A strong focus has been put on enabling developers to create custom online shopping solutions. The core has been kept to a minimum, and additional features are provides as sub-modules.

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Via Composer (recommended)

composer require burnbright/silverstripe-shop *


  • Obtain the module code, and put into a 'shop' directory, within your SilverStripe root directory.
  • Do the same for the other required modules. You'll need to look at the composer.json file to figure this out.
  • Run yoursite/dev/build?flush=all


Feedback & Support

For general problems, please start at the SilverStripe shop Gitter IM channel. If that doesn't work, you could post them to the SilverStripe forum, or ask on the #silverstripe IRC channel.

If you have any bugs to report, patches etc, please submit them to the GitHub Issue Tracker


This is an open-source project, so any contribution you can make is welcomed.

Ways you can contribute:

* You should contact the author before donating towards a particular feature.


This project is open source, under the BSD2 license.


Jeremy Shipman (jeremy @